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Upcoming Accelerator Programs

Work with the best startups that will disrupt your industry as we know it.

The Future of Retail

//  Optimize Your Customer's Experience.

What will the future of retail look like in a digital world? How can personalized shopping, augmented reality, and new payment technology provide value?

//  Generate Effective Marketing.

How can marketing and operations be more targeted and efficient? How can crowd sourced design, personalized marketing, and product traceability better enhance your brand?

//  Master Logistics.

How to utilize the latest technology for the quickest and most efficient delivery? How can you incorporate smart warehousing, product tracking, and optimize the last mile delivery?  

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The Future of Ad Tech & Media

//  Enhance Your Connection to Customers.

What will the future of ad space look like with new technology/ IoT (i.e. Alexa, Spotify) and Geo? How can interactive content, video marketing ads, and new IoT advertising technology provide value?

//  Maximize Ad Efficiency. 

How can ad content be simplified and transferable to different types of ad space? How can augmented reality platforms, emotion sensing technology, and smart home content optimize your advertising efforts?

//  Master Data Management & Analytics.

How can ad content be personalized and driven by customer data? How can you measure success of ad campaigns? How can you better utilize demographic targeting and post install event optimization?   

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The Future of Mobility

//  On-Demand Mobility.

What will the future of transport services look like when nobody has to own a car, due to driverless vehicles and ridesharing? How will the transportation of commercial goods impact your business?

//  Connected Cars.

How will IoT technology improve the driving experience and extend beyond the car? How will auto maintenance, roadside assistance, and predictive service alerts evolve?

//  Fleet Mapping.

How will logistics and mapping be improvded by new technologies? How can you incorporate geolocation and vehicle telematics into your distribution strategy?  

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The Future of Insurance

//  Innovative Services.

How can we improve and speed up our service offerings in underwriting and beyond?

//  Consumer Experience & Administration.

How can artificial intelligence and robo-advisor platforms help streamline business? Can we modernize legacy systems to provide self-service tools? How can we allow for more efficient consumer experiences while still having customer intimacy?

//  Data Analytics.

How can we leverage tools to improve business operations? How can startups help automate compliance tasks, improve identity management and authentication, and reduce fraud risks? How can we use data to better understand our customers?

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The Future of Telecom

//  Elevate Customer Experience.

What will the future of customer service be like with new technologies that will ease service and inform a personalized experience for every customer?

//  Integrate New Media / IoT.

How will telecom companies play a role in integrating newer, faster, and more importantly different media and IoT devices?

//  Advance Network Virtualization.

How will networks evolve to 5G and beyond?

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Healthcare Industry Accelerator Program.jpg

The Future of Healthcare

//  Consumer Experience.

What will the future of healthcare services look like when consumers can interact and access their health information digitally? What impact will telemedicine have in the industry?

//  Consumer Behavior & Connected Health.

How will IoT technology improve the healthcare experience? What kind of role will wearable technology play in the healthcare industry in the years to come? How will mHealth transform the way consumers become educated on preventative healthcare services?

//  Data Collection & Management.

How will digital health records change the landscape of how consumers receive information? How can you incorporate population health management into your business?

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Energy Industry Accelerator.jpg

The Future of Energy

//  Smart Homes & Buildings.

What does the smart home of tomorrow look like, how can I take advantage of these systems. 

//  Distributed & Decentralized Energy.

How will the emergence of blockchain and peer-to-peer marketplaces affect the energy grid?

//  Renewable Energy.

How will advancements in renewable energy impact the energy grid?

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