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Mobility Tech Accelerator

Pilot-focused accelerator designed for measurable results.

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What is the future of Mobility?

The technology landscape is constantly changing.  How can you stay head of disruption? Collaborate with other industry experts, corporations, and startups in RocketSpace's Industry Accelerator Program. This first of its kind technology accelerator program enables multiple corporates and startups to come together to fuel industry focused transformation and achieve measurable results.

Unlike other accelerator programs, the RocketSpace Accelerator model is designed to be an ongoing innovation platform that will result in a continuous stream of commercially viable products for corporate collaborators. 

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Emerging Mobility Tech Themes

In the Mobility Tech Accelerator, we'll focus on the some of the fastest growing trends disrupting the mobility space as we know it. Below are some of the technologies areas that will be a focal point for RocketSpace and the corporate collaborators in the 2017 program.


On-Demand Mobility + Passenger Services

  • Vehicle parking
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Ride-sharing
  • Car-sharing
  • Urban vehicle alternatives
  • Personalized consumer offerings
  • The vehicle marketplace

IoT + Connected Cars

  • Services for autonomous vehicles
  • On-board vehicle diagnostics
  • Data mining & predictive service alerts
  • Auto maintenance & roadside assistance
  • Vehicle-home integration
  • Mapping & route optimization
  • Vehicle security solutions

Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

  • Charging solutions
  • Maintenance and optimization services
  • Thermal management
  • Battery disposal/recycling swap
  • Electricity demand and response management