Startups are Doing it all Wrong

Calling on Saturdays, emailing press releases, contacting reporters who covers an industry that has nothing to do with your startup... you name it, our panel of tech reporters has seen it. 

Reporters are Inundated With (Bad) Pitches

The volume of pitches reporters receive is especially worrisome. Your obstacles are doubled: not only do you need to catch a reporter's attention, but you have to stand out from the countless emails, tweets and phone calls from entrepreneurs also competing for media coverage.

Ways to Cut Through the Noise

We gathered tech and startup reporters from VentureBeat, PandoDaily and TechCrunch for a panel event — "PR for Startups" — focused on helping startups get media coverage. 

The transcript of our "PR for Startups" event covers:

  • How startups should approach reaching out to reporters
  • What makes a company or product announcement "newsworthy"
  • How to make your company stand out
  • How to begin building a relationship with reporters
  • And much more...

Download the transcript to start getting media coverage for you startup today!

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